We’ll Keep The Ghostlight On For You.

We are a group of actors, playwrights, and directors who meet once a week to read scripts together. Watch us on our Youtube Channel


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Please take a second to support The Quarantine Players with a donation to help us keep putting on great new plays like this one:    https://fundraising.fracturedatlas.org/quarantine-players-a-virtual-theater-company/general_support  A group of people gathers for a songwriters' retreat in the Rocky Mountains in the mid-2000s. Their "mentor" is an abrasive, charismatic country singer/songwriter named Kyle Samperson. He humiliates some for their songwriting, personally offends some and clashes about politics with others. By the time Kyle turns up dead in Act Two, everyone has a motive for killing him. Snowed in, without internet or phone, the other characters size each other up and wonder whodunit.   Judy Klass, Playwright,  A. J. Campbell Producer Katy Blake, Director Clint Aphin as Brice, Laurie Canaan as Roberta, Lane Wright as Charlie, Jack E. Chambers as Kyle, Kathy Kerns as Martha, Sophia Sutton as Tiffany, Judy Jackson as Denise, Alyssa Borg as Li,  Robert Beard as Ed — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/qplayers/message Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/qplayers/support
  1. Play Reading: Country Fried Murder by Judy Klass
  2. This play has an Iguana for a Protagonist by Liz Dooley
  3. WHAT’S FOREVER FOR ANYWAY? A Play In Three Acts followed by a talk balk with the authors
  4. JUST GET OVER IT by Matthew Garlin, A delightful new RomCom (Play Reading)
  5. The Politics of Fabulousness, PART 1 of 2 Written By Judy Klass A Virtual Play Reading by the Quarantine Players


We can all sit around and list off the problems with modern theater so I won’t bore you with a recitation of facts we all largely agree upon. If you are part of this group you are already willing to take a chance. We are a scrappy theater start-up who is in a position to break all the rules.I was told we can’t put out new work all the time. Yes, we can you just have to treat playwrights like we matter, make us part of the process and value our input. From here on out, I am taking away the net. No more honoring playwrights only when they are dead. It is time we care for the living breathing playwrights with new stories to tell.

We need to make the biggest table possible so that everyone can get a seat. If we continue at the pace we have been we will have produced more work than any venue, I was able to find outside of a festival structure.

Let’s make theater together.


All our roles are subject to director approval. Every director has complete control over who is cast. But from here on out, unless the role has to specify a race due to the nature of the story, consider it open to all, same goes for gender or age.

But what I really want to do is Direct

Good. Let us know. We are always looking for great directors. You must adhere to our strict no screaming, no harassments and no bullshit policy. If you are cool with that and want to join our bizarre collective, then let us know below.

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