This play has an Iguana for a Protagonist by Liz Dooley

In the aftermath of a massive miscommunication about biology, iguana Arthur comes to the conclusion that his best friend, a human named Mari, must be dying. He makes up his mind to take the most “noble” course of action—whether Mari likes it or not. Part madcap comedy, part menstrual health PSA. The play with anContinue reading “This play has an Iguana for a Protagonist by Liz Dooley”

Never Is Now

Our license has expired to show this production. We hope you had a chance to see it. What happens when contemporary people from diverse backgrounds experience the firsthand accounts of ten survivors who were labeled “undesirable” and thrust into Hitler’s systematic genocide. Playwright Wendy Kout disturbingly links then and now so we may understand whatContinue reading “Never Is Now”

JUST GET OVER IT by Matthew Garlin

This is the story of a couple that has broken up who gets caught at a resort during a storm and now has no choice but to face the ghosts of the past relationship. Both come clean in a hilarious, high-stakes autopsy of their failed relationship. Original Concept by Matthew Garlin & Samantha Davekos WritingContinue reading “JUST GET OVER IT by Matthew Garlin”

The Politics of Fabulousness by Judy Klass

About the Play Gary hopes to re-connect with his estranged older sister Kay, who is visiting Kansas City, where Gary now lives, for an academic conference. Gary lives with Eytan, who was Kay’s high school best friend; now Eytan and Kay hate each other. Eytan and Gary write humorous songs which Gary sings as aContinue reading “The Politics of Fabulousness by Judy Klass”


dark twist on the Gift of the Magi. Della and Jim Young desperately long to be parents. After years of failed fertility treatments and then finding out they are not eligible to be adoptive parents due to Della’s medical history, both embark on their own individual quests to achieve the goal they both believe will bring them the true fulfillment and the happiness they’ve been missing. Each keeps their plan secret from the other- but the hidden costs of their journeys eventually overwhelm their relationship. The consequences of their choices come to fruition and leave them longing for another, less treacherous path.

3 Football Stories of Men behaving Badly during the Super Bowl.

JANEY SMITH: A FOOTBALL FAN MONOLOGUE by Asher Wyndham | A virtual play reading (explicit)’ Please note: there is adult language and themes including explicit language, sex act description, and the realities of sex work in America Janey Smith is a Vikings fan and she’s ready for Super Bowl week. An entire week of sexContinue reading “3 Football Stories of Men behaving Badly during the Super Bowl.”


Cynthia, a public school teacher, faces a day of personal and professional trials, including a husband with a nightshift, a job evaluation, and her tween daughter’s determination to switch schools. Written by Ricardo Soltero-BrownDirected by Billy Christopher MaupinProduced by A. J. Campbell, Qurantine Players CAST DEAN KNIGHT ………………………ToddHALIYA ROBERTS………………….CynthiaJACQUELINE JONES ………………DeniseMICHAEL GOODWIN ……………………..FoxNANCY KENT COLLIEContinue reading “TO THE TEST”

The String by Michael R. McGuire

A gang of criminals under the leadership of Polyxena have gathered at her bar in the lead up to an impending heist. A stranger named Mikey drinks at the bar and arouses the suspicions of the crooks. Brooklyn, the brash, foul-mouthed, and increasingly erratic technical expert attempts to seduce Mikey to determine if he’s anContinue reading “The String by Michael R. McGuire”


Based loosely on the Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol, a classic tale of redemption, love, and forgiveness. If that what you are looking for keep going. Our story is about truth. It’s December 24th, 2020 The President of the United States, Donald J Trump is alone wandering around the oval office. His niece Mary TrumpContinue reading “A TRUMP CHRISTMAS CAROL”

“Jewish Stories” by Hank Kimmel

Enjoy our Chanukkah holiday show. All the episodes are avaialbe on our poadcast. 4 Short Stories about Jewish life at Christmas “Welcome to Our Holiday Show” starring Kerri Peters. A frazzled teacher emcee’s the opening of their school’s holiday show. “The Music Man’s Son Goes Yiddish” starring Shayne Gardner as Christine, Taifa Harris as Mayo,Continue reading ““Jewish Stories” by Hank Kimmel”