“Jewish Stories” by Hank Kimmel

Enjoy our Chanukkah holiday show. All the episodes are avaialbe on our poadcast.

4 Short Stories about Jewish life at Christmas

Welcome to Our Holiday Show” starring Kerri Peters. A frazzled teacher emcee’s the opening of their school’s holiday show.

The Music Man’s Son Goes Yiddish” starring Shayne Gardner as Christine, Taifa Harris as Mayo, A.J. Campbell as the Rabbi

THE DAY SANTA IGNORED US” Starring Gayle Grimes as Mother, Ethan McAtee as Santa Barry, Adam Ressa as Son. A mother and son are shopping for a Hanukkah gift for the dad when they are insulted by a department store Santa who has just recognized them.

It’s Not Such A Wonderful Life” starring, Kenneth Boys as George, Gary Payne as Clarance, We return to the bridge where George and Clarance meet at the beginning point of A Wonderful life, to find a different sort of arrangement. It’s a story about life and sub-prime lending.

Thank You For Coming to Our Holiday Show” starring Kerri Peters, Our frazzled teacher returns after a devastatingly bad performance by the kids.

Hank Kimmel

Hank Kimmel (also known as Henry W. Kimmel) is an Atlanta-based playwright who is a founding member and serves as board president for Working Title Playwrights, an Atlanta-based theatre company dedicated to the development of playwrights and new plays. Hank also serves as the board president for the Alliance for Jewish Theatre (www.alljewishtheatre.org).

Hank has been a long-time member of the Dramatists Guild. Always aspiring to craft deeper and more meaningful work, Hank has written dozens of plays of various lengths, mostly addressing people’s obsession with status and money, including his own. Hank also works as a dramaturg.

New Play Exchange: https://newplayexchange.org/users/2311/hank-kimmel
Website: http://www.hankkimmel.com

About the Quarantine Players
When we started, there was no template for creating theater over the internet, which turned out to be perfect because we could remove all the obstacles that held us back.

At the time, we didn’t know what zoom was or how we could use it. Would people even know how to use it? How much would it cost? And what the heck is a virtual background? We had so many questions, but we watched all of our productions canceled in those horrible first days of Spring 2020.

We didn’t have to create a “season” of plays; we could choose any plays we wanted to do. It gave us a kind of freedom. We choose the plays, cast the roles, then we find an audience. We can create theater for a specific audience, for example, 25 -30-year-old parents in Des Moines, Iowa. We can do that.

Join us every week for a new play.

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