Based loosely on the Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol, a classic tale of redemption, love, and forgiveness. If that what you are looking for keep going. Our story is about truth.

It’s December 24th, 2020 The President of the United States, Donald J Trump is alone wandering around the oval office. His niece Mary Trump approaches him with a book deal as a way for him to tell the truth to the American people, score a huge payday (bigger than Obama’s). Over the course of the evening, the President is visited by a Rabbi, Michael Cohen, and three Ghost Writers. The Ghostwriters meet with Trump to see if he has found redemption and if they can, get the truth out of him.

This play uses explicit language: the F’bomb and references to sex. This is a work of fiction and fantasy.

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We are pretty sure Trump would never tell the truth no matter how big the book deal.

Directed by Doug Henderson

Written by A. J. Campbell

Our Actors

Ethan McAtee……Donald Trump

Jacqueline Jones …..The Publisher Scott Olson…..Bob Cratchet/First Ghost Writer/Fred Sr. Adam Ressa…Michael Cohen/Reporter Byron Allen….Rabbi/Second Ghost Writer Mikayla Trimpery….Third Ghost Writer/Reporter Kerry Peters…..Mary Trump Thank you to the Quarantine Players Adaptation of “Silent Night” sung by Kerri Peters,

Silent Night Adaptation

Lyrics by A. J. Campbell “Silent Night” music by Franz Xaver Gruber, lyrics by Joseph Mohr (1818) Song is in the Public Domain

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