“Jewish Stories” by Hank Kimmel

Enjoy our Chanukkah holiday show. All the episodes are avaialbe on our poadcast. 4 Short Stories about Jewish life at Christmas “Welcome to Our Holiday Show” starring Kerri Peters. A frazzled teacher emcee’s the opening of their school’s holiday show. “The Music Man’s Son Goes Yiddish” starring Shayne Gardner as Christine, Taifa Harris as Mayo,Continue reading ““Jewish Stories” by Hank Kimmel”


Scroll down for Video and Audio of this performance When the resident theatre at a Jewish Community Center commissions a new play about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from a half-Jewish/half-Jordanian playwright, the Center finds itself pulled in several directions. The playwright was sent on a trip to Israel and came back with a story that onlyContinue reading “SETTLEMENTS by Seth Rozin”