A body swapping psychological horror. A young, idealistic woman preparing to leave for college winds up trapped in the body of her bitter Grandfather. As they attempt to swap back, they learn some hard lessons about themselves, each other, and the young woman’s hopelessly clueless Dad (the Grandfather’s son).

Written by Joshua Kahn
Directed by Scott Olson
Produced by A. J. Campbell, Quarantine Players

Ian Moore as the Narrator
Andrea is played by Sara Lucchini
Dad/Son is Ahmad Maaty
Grandpa/Husband is played by D. Scott Graham

About the Quarantine Players

Quarantine Players are a group of directors, playwrights, actors, and technicians from all over the U.S. who have gathered to keep the ghost light on for you. We work to create weekly podcasts and video readings of new plays so you can get your theatre fix! Till we are back in our seat with you, we will leave the ghostlight on.

About the Playwright, Joshua Kahn

Joshua Kahn is a playwright and Grade-A goof currently based in San Diego, California. He was born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles and acted in a couple of commercials before the age of 7. This ruined his ego. After a few years of forced hiatus, Joshua began acting in local theatres and ultimately enrolled in NYU Tisch as an undergraduate Drama student. He ended up graduating with a BFA in Film/Television Production, because nothing makes sense anymore. He’s interned and written and directed and now lives in San Diego, where he is the co-founder of Wildly Successful Theatre Co.

Otherwise, he does the crossword puzzle every night and records an 80-year old joke from his Grandpa’s army-issued joke book every morning.

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