Country Fried Murder

Please take a second to support The Quarantine Players with a donation to help us keep putting on great new plays like this one: Also available on our podcast Links here: A group of people gathers for a songwriters’ retreat in the Rocky Mountains in the mid-2000s. Their “mentor” is an abrasive, charismatic countryContinue reading “Country Fried Murder”

What is Forever for Anyway?

Two brothers competing for the love of the same woman never goes well. A wife’s betrayal has consequences. Treachery, however, benign sometimes ends in tragedy. And the truth… well who really knows what good can come of it? Brandon is having an affair with Annie, Arthurs wife. Arthur comes home from work one day toContinue reading “What is Forever for Anyway?”


A body swapping psychological horror. A young, idealistic woman preparing to leave for college winds up trapped in the body of her bitter Grandfather. As they attempt to swap back, they learn some hard lessons about themselves, each other, and the young woman’s hopelessly clueless Dad (the Grandfather’s son). Written by Joshua KahnDirected by ScottContinue reading “SPOOKY SATURDAY by Joshua Kahn”