What is Forever for Anyway?

Two brothers competing for the love of the same woman never goes well. A wife’s betrayal has consequences. Treachery, however, benign sometimes ends in tragedy. And the truth… well who really knows what good can come of it? Brandon is having an affair with Annie, Arthurs wife. Arthur comes home from work one day to find his younger brother and wife alone again in the apartment. Has he always had his suspicions? Later that week, Arthur escorts his young wife to an on-stage production of his new work about a younger brother having an affair with the older brother’s wife…and someone gets murdered. A play within a play, but who gets played?

written by Tom David Barna & Christine Barna
directed by Scott Olson
produced by A. J. Campbell, Quarantine Players

Starring Ricardo Padilla Lisette Gabrielle Tyler Brown

About the Quarantine Players Website https://quarantineplayers.org/​ Podcast: https://anchor.fm/qplayers​ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QuarantinePl…​ Twitter: https://twitter.com/q_players​ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/quarantinep…​ Amazon Fire TV APP: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08VJHBT8W/

We can all sit around and list off the problems with modern theater so I won’t bore you with a recitation of facts we all largely agree upon. The Quarantine Players are a scrappy theater start-up that is in a position to break all the rules. We were told we can’t put out new work all the time. Yes, we can you just have to treat playwrights like they matter, make them part of the process, and value our input. We are your source for new plays from amazing playwrights. Each week we choose a new play to read for you. We are different because we involve the playwright in every step of the process. Most of our writers will attend all the rehearsals and provide feedback along the way. We don’t just honor playwrights by waiting till their work goes into the Public domain so we don’t have to pay them. We prefer our playwrights to still have their pulse.

Christine Marie Barna is the author of several short plays, songs, essays and has completed her first novel. This is also Christine’s first collaboration with Tom David Barna on a full-length play. Christine resides in North Carolina and has had numerous featured an movies such as We’re the Millers, Safe Haven and From Faith to Freedom, the NBC TV series, background roles in Revolution and commercials for Pepsi and Daddy Dolls. Christine has an Associate of Arts Degree (Criminal Justice) from Coastal Carolina, a double Bachelor of Arts Degree (Psychology and Criminology) from the University of NC, Wilmington and is currently working on her Master of Social Work from Boston University.

Tom David Barna, playwright and lyricist and recipient of the 2021 Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Grant. He is a four-time McKnight Foundation Grant recipient (most recently–2019), a recent Resident Playwright at the Twin Rivers Center for the Arts and two-time McKnight Artist Career Development Grant recipient. Barna is a five-time invitee to the international playwright conference, the VALDEZ THEATRE CONFERENCE. He has written twenty-seven full length plays, twenty-four short plays, co-author for a 13-part radio series and is the author of four children’s books (Cantata Publishing) and five eBooks (Rakuten Kobo Publishing). He has accepted commissioned work as varied as episodic radio and children’s musicals. He is the recipient of more than twenty-six regional non-equity and/or festival productions and/or staged readings since writing his first play in 2009. Tom is a twenty-two-year Marine Corps Veteran and earned his Bachelor of Arts at New Mexico State University. Tom has also directed, produced and performed on stage.

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