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This play has an Iguana for a Protagonist by Liz Dooley

In the aftermath of a massive miscommunication about biology, iguana Arthur comes to the conclusion that his best friend, a human named Mari, must be dying. He makes up his mind to take the most “noble” course of action—whether Mari likes it or not. Part madcap comedy, part menstrual health PSA. The play with an…

What is Forever for Anyway?

Two brothers competing for the love of the same woman never goes well. A wife’s betrayal has consequences. Treachery, however, benign sometimes ends in tragedy. And the truth… well who really knows what good can come of it? Brandon is having an affair with Annie, Arthurs wife. Arthur comes home from work one day to…


Please take a second and donate to the Quarantine Players to help us keep great productions going. WHORTICULTURE is an unflinching look at the ways women/girls go through life. Using narrative and spoken word, this all-female feminist production follows 3 girls coming of age in a toxic culture. Produced by AJ Campbell, Quarantine Players. Directed…


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About Us

When we started, there was no template for creating theater over the internet, which turned out to be perfect because we could remove all the obstacles that held us back.

At the time, we didn’t know what zoom was or how we could use it. Would people even know how to use it? How much would it cost? And what the heck is a virtual background? We had so many questions, but we watched all of our productions canceled in those horrible first days of Spring 2020.

We didn’t have to create a “season” of plays; we could choose any plays we wanted to do. It gave us a kind of freedom. We choose the plays, cast the roles, then we find an audience. We can create theater for a specific audience, for example, 25 -30-year-old parents in Des Moines, Iowa. We can do that.

Join us every week for a new play.

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